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Gnucash Language

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Gnucash Language

Hi everyone!!!!

Is there any plan for a spanish translation for this software?

Thanks in advance Wink

PS: I have used the search, but only found this:

"Upcoming Localizations

While we support as many languages as we can with the multilingual apps (like FileZilla) some apps we need to pick and choose based on popularity as they require extra effort (, Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird). We currently do English, German, Italian and French. The next languages on deck are Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. We may be putting a push on Japanese as Mozilla Japan is keenly interested in having portable versions available for bundling on drives."

John T. Haller
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GnuCash is multilingual and Spanish is included (same with GIMP, Pidgin, etc). But it seems the ability to set it is somehow missing from the launcher, so it will always use what your system default is. I'll contact Shawn about it.

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Hola lazlo! Hace unos días

Hola lazlo! Hace unos días atrás me baje gnuCash para probarlo y te digo que el idioma español está incluído!!!

Shawn Faucher
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Fix released for testing

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