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Pidgin: yahoo problem

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Pidgin: yahoo problem

I can't sign into my yahoo account - with the portable or regular version of pidgin.

my yahoo account does not end in but

Is there a work around for this?



Patrick Patience
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This is probably wrong, but on the advanced tab of your Yahoo account window in Pidgin, try changing the Pager server: to .ca. I don't think that's right, but you can try. If not, check the Pidgin faq, Yahoo faq, or talk to the Pidgin folks on IRC.

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Try the advanced tab under

Try the advanced tab under your yahoo account and confirm the servers there.. I have no idea what the ca servers are so I cant be of help but that is where you'd be able to find it. Truth be told Y! is world wide never heard of segregating countries like that...

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I dunno

I'm having the same problem now. I get connection refused.

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