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clicking link in Thunderbird causes new Firefox profile to be created

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clicking link in Thunderbird causes new Firefox profile to be created

How do I get Portable Thunderbird to always launch the existing Portable Firefox rather than trying to create a new non-portable Firefox profile each time?

I run Portable Thunderbird & Portable Firefox. When I click on a link in Thunderbird AND I have Firefox running everything works as it should. However when I click on link in Thunderbird and Firefox IS NOT running, it causes an error message.

What the program is doing when this error message is generated is creating a new profile on my C drive. (I don't want anything Mozilla on my C drive if I can at all help it, that's why I use Portable versions.) If/when this 2nd profile is generated this starts to cause problems for Firefox in conjunction with Thunderbird. It quickly becomes very inconvenient and over time slightly unstable.

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Doesn't work yet...

Doesn't work yet. I'll be adding in support for Launchy (an extension that lets you pick what to launch for some links). Temporarily taking over default browser was debated, but scrapped as the machine would be left without a default browser in the event of a crash.

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