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Development Test = Real, Full Apps... NOT Just Launchers

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John T. Haller
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Development Test = Real, Full Apps... NOT Just Launchers

Seems we've been having a few 'launcher only' apps posted as development tests. To be clear, this is not the point of the Development Test process. This is for real, full apps... not just launchers where an end user is expected to download something separately, install it on a PC where they have admin rights, copy files out, uninstall, etc. The Development Test program is only for real, full open source applications.

If you've posted a 'development test' that's only a launcher, please relabel the thread as 'launcher only' so people don't get confused. (I've already done this for the first couple pages.) And let's be sure there are no launchers listed on the main Development Test page in the Development section. If there are, post a comment about them on that page.

We'll be determining what to do about closed source stuff soon. But the Development Test program is not how we'll be handling it right now. Sorry if this was unclear to anybody before now.

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Open Source but not Copyleft

What about the Artistic license? I'm done with SimuTrans, awaiting response, but I couldn't take the no reply and am working on autodownloading with GNU WGET.
As for closed source apps, I think there are several ways to handle them.

  • Use a program to download (Best only for OSS but not Copyleft)
  • Force the user to download and install so that the installer can copy it.
  • Work with the authors to implement the portable edition into their installer or get their permission.
  • Have the user download both the installer for the base app and the installer for the Portable, extract the base app installer with 7z or something, and copy/delete.

That's all I could think of.

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I have published some

I have published some Launchers in BetaTest Forum, clearly noted as such. Also these applications (games mostly) are in these cases Open Source. My decision not to include the game itself has different reasons. Biggest reason is the size of the games which is 100's of MB's for most of those games. Whit would be very hard to host them individually. Second, less important though, is that these games might do minor updates regularly which do not need to update the launcher (unless you demand the correct 'version' number in parts of the launcher).

Okay, I know you were talking about the development forum and not the Beta test forum, I agree if the app is a launcher only it should be clearly be stated as such.

Best (for OSS) is to include the app and have it wrapped into a PAF.EXE installer.

Yet I hope that somewhere a 'launcher' only place could be created to facilitate the launcher only approach. Or an effort to have the apps included with the launchers wrapped with an installer in a legal and user friendly way.

I hope developers are still being encouraged to also post Launchers.

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