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Before there was suite there was PStart...

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Before there was suite there was PStart...

I remember when this site started it didn't have a suit, but used PStart as the menu launcher.
It was nice, but the portableapps suite looked much better when it appeared.
Few days ago when my antivirus detected a trojan in the suite, probably a false alarm as i see now, i freaked out and installed the new PStart again.
Although it looks not as good as the suits launcher, it looks better then before... but the features!!! Wow! It has a search utility for searching all apps execs on comp and flash drive (does it instantly), has very easy to config menu, with lots of options. Has detailed pc specs. Has notes and reminder.
Will portableapps suite going to have any of these features?
BTW, PStart is SO much faster the the suite.
But the suit still looks better Smile