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Custom settings disappeared after update ( ->

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Custom settings disappeared after update ( ->

Hi Guys,

I have recently updated the Thunderbird Portable from to Everything went smooth except the user preferences. So far the following problems were observed.

1) In the old version, it was set to delete mails older than 2 weeks. After the update, the setting has disappeared.

2) Header information switched to "All" instead of "Normal".

Is there a way to preserve custom settings? Can I deactivate "Find Updates" function. Previously I could do it by adding "user_pref("xpinstall.enabled", false); " in prefs.js.



John T. Haller
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As your questions are more specific to 2.0 and 1.5 rather than portable, you're best off searching Google first and then asking in the forums. Keep in mind that 1.5 was killed off a while ago so not as many people may be able to assist.

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