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7-Zip: portable shell integration

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7-Zip: portable shell integration

Now, I understand that this is a touchy topic, and is considered "unsafe", but in this particular case I think it is warranted. Currently, whenever you change options in 7-zip portable (enabling context menu, file associations, etc) it treats it as though it was a desktop installation and so, if you HAVE a desktop installation already, it overwrites your local settings. Is there any way to add this into the launcher to backup the file associations and other options, then create file associations to the portable version? Maybe you could set the file associations with an ini file (7z=true arj=false bz2=true, etc), so that you don't have to go to 7-zip's options menu, or if you do, that it doesn't mess up your local install. Plus it would just be really nice to be able to set files to open with 7-zip portable. Even though this may be "unsafe", I'd say the fact that 7-zip portable doesn't back up those settings (in some cases it does, in some cases it doesn't) is even more so.

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7Zip is missing 7-zip.dll

When 7zip is installed include 7-zip.dll.
I suggest to include this library in the portable version because is very useful when integrated with File Manager.
I did it manually and works fine.

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Can you tell me how to do

Can you tell me how to do this? It looks like the dll is actually called 7z.dll and I already have that in my app directory. Shell integration is still failing.


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