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Several questions....

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Several questions....

I have spent some time searching and looking through the forums but haven't been able to find the answers to these questions. Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by posting here.

1. Is it possible to put a file shortcut on the opening menu of portable apps?
2. Is it legal to put on USB drives that I will be selling? Are there any limitations? The reason I am selling the USB flash drives is that I am marketing the drives with a file I built on them.
3. I would like to install the program for this file on the USB drive. How can I cause the computer to open the file automatically with the program installed on the USB. For example, if I want to run an open office Calc file with openoffice portable. How do I go about making any computer open the file with openoffice portable?
4. Are there any other tricks for opening a file on the flash drive with the smallest amount of steps? I would like to keep the steps to get to the file at a minimum.

I need to start loading my software onto the flash drives so quick-replies would be greatly appreciated.
I am hardly experienced with programming so I do not know how to do any scripts.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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For question 3 and 4 see e.g.
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1. No, only applications

1. No, only applications can appear in the current release of the Menu

2. This would be a question for John T. Haller, the owner of

3. You can't force the computer to open the program with one of the portable apps. File associations are stored in the system's registry, and setting file associations is NOT portable.

4. Not yet. I re-wrote an app called CAFE, mine is called CAFEMod (you can find it in the beta testing forums here) however, it works by monitoring clicks instead of actual file actions, so it doesn't always work.

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2. PortableAppsMenu is OPEN

2. PortableAppsMenu is OPEN SOURCE. So you may user it according to the GPL license.

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