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AbiWord: Grammar

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AbiWord: Grammar

Hi, I am attending community college and sometime I use the Microsoft Office to check out my grammar. I was hoping AbiWord comes with grammar checking when I would use it anywhere. Any idea how I have it in AbiWord or how soon anyone can make it happen? Thank you.

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The best grammar checker...

I was intrigued by your question. I've used Microsoft Office as a spellchecker, and with the default settings, it also tries to check my grammar.
I don't always agree with its choices.

I did a search for plugins for AbiWord, and it looks like there is a plugin that someone's working on, but it's only in a development state, and cannot be downloaded.
There are a number of third-party shareware applications that will check your grammar for you, but I personally would trust them less than Microsoft.

I have a suggestion that will give you the best grammar checker, that is portable, and works even if you lose your flash drive. Please understand that this suggestion is meant with the best of intentions.

You will really be much better to take the time to perfect your knowledge of the rules of English grammar, than to rely on an application to do this. Since you are in college, I'm sure that they have the resources there. You may even find that your English professor is willing to help spot-check before you turn your papers in, but that depends on the personality of your teacher.

There are a number of web sites that you can use to learn and practice your grammar.
After a quick search on Google, I found this:

I'm all for using software and technology to make your life easier, but I really think you will thank yourself if you become proficient in this. It's easier than you'd think.

Best of luck in your classes!

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Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for replying this. I am a deaf and English rule isn't my first language. But thanks for suggestion. I like the link. Thanks again.

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try this one

It is already portable.

English is not my main language either, so I use spell checkers a lot... Wink

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AbiWord already has a

AbiWord already has a grammar checker. Just download the tools package from and install the grammar plug-in by following the steps at

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