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Fedora Problems

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Fedora Problems

I'm using Fedora Core 8, but I can't edit/add/delete files from Fedora. I've tried changing it by going into XP and un-clicking "Read-Only." So do I have to give my account, on Fedora, special privelages? Or do I have to change something from XP?

EDIT: I'm using Portable Apps on a USB flash drive.

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Is it

the whole drive or just a specific folder?

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I'm betting

that it is every folder that has an icon.

The problem is that on windows, the "read-only" flag for a directory, doesn't mean read-only, it means "look for desktop.ini".

The fat filesystem drivers on most (all?) linuxes actually believe that read-only means read-only, so you're stuck.

From windows
attrib -r <dirname>
will clear it, but you'll lose the icon.

From linux
chmod a+w <dirname>
Will do basically the same.

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