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how to limit profile usage

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how to limit profile usage

first off, great work. i've used the portable versions of your software while deployed to iraq and it was a fantastic experience (the apps, not the deployment =-)

i have found that if firefox is installed locally on a machine and then the portable version is run off a stick/ipod/whatever, that the local profile info is used and not the profile on the portable device. is there a workaround for this?

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Depends on if it's running...

Actually, it depends whether the local version is running. If Firefox detects another instance of itself running, even if that instance has closed its main window and is shutting down, it will just start another instance of that. This was confusing for a lot of people, so the new launcher will let you know if this is occuring.

You can configure it to run multiple versions. Copy the PortableFirefox.ini from the PortableFirefoxCode directory to alongside PortableFirefox.exe. Set the entry AllowMultipleInstances to true.

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