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program to archieve mp3s: (for example)

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program to archieve mp3s: (for example)

Hey guys!

First a small praise for portableapps: Greate site with good stuff !!!!

And now my idea/wish:
I want to have a portable mp3-archiever on my usb-hard disk. For example the mp3-explorer (
This is a quite old and simple (but genius) mp3-archiver ....

It scans a directory (or more directories) for mp3s, and saves their detailled informations in specific files. Now he is able to display all songs sorted by interpret, genre or album ..... take a look (great program an well arranged!)

I would be crazy about this programm (or a matchable software) being portable !!!!
Greetings, Master Ka !

The program works with an ini-file in die windows-directory. This seems to be the only barrier while making it portable .....
Unfortunately my computer-knowledge is not enough to do it on my own and the PortableAppsCreator crashes in the second shot Sad