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Moving from PortaSoft...

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Moving from PortaSoft...

As of now, I'm going to be moving out of PortaSoft. This is partly to avoid the whole business of fragmentation, and partly because the new is going to be much more powerful than the e107 system we set up over on PortaSoft. (Plus the ads aren't as annoying... ;))

From now on, any apps and updates I make will be kept here, as will be support and development threads for them; after thinking about it, I've realized we just don't need to fragment things. I'll use free file hosts temporarily until the application hosting is up here.

Any thoughts on this whole business?

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OK, it has been decided then...

If that is what is going to be than so be it. Portable is the place where we will bring it together. I will reset my support forums here and bring back my progs.

@John, please let me know when we can join/use/get space in the developer group, so I can create the pages and things that you were talking of for the developers.

I am just sorry that it caused so much trouble that it came to have to decide between one or the other.

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Portable Software: Just the beginning.

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Actually, I would have been fine with you guys still using PortaSoft, announcing releases, etc... I just didn't want there to be what seemed to be an effort to move development discussion from here to another site and actively promoting that site (aside from releases) here. That was really the only thing I had a problem with. And there were only a few posts here that edged over that line.

That said, I'm still setting up the systems to get things working. Let me make an announcement so that we can keep testing to a single thread in the forums for the developer beta testers to try out and report back any issues, etc. I've already got development blogs and test project pages up for folks to try out.

And, hopefully, there won't be a need for temp file hosts. I'm working on integrating upload into the system here. I'll be able to host smaller projects on-server and then move them to SourceForge for larger public release.

UPDATE: Ok, here's the thread announcing the new features:


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More thoughts.....

Yea, I'm staying put at PortaSoft mainly because I don't feel like migrating (I have done it several times). I will take advantage of the new features here though and probably develop further projects here if I like the environment, etc.


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