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Add-ons and themes don't work everytime I use FFP with different computers

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Add-ons and themes don't work everytime I use FFP with different computers

FFP2.0.0.13, XP and Vista.

First, I installed FFP to my own computer. I was in rush so I didn't try to run the program at that time. Then, I tried to run the program on my work computer. It ran, but none of addons and themes are working properly. So, I reinstalled the program in different folder while keeping the original installation folder in the same drive. Then, I installed all addons and themes from scratch and it worked perfectly with my work computer. The story didn't end here.I tried to run the program on a computer in my school's lab, but none of extensions and themes work again!

I have found a post that said something about addons and absolute pass.
I'm assuming each computer gives different drive names to my Flash drive.
I tried to fix it myself but I don't knwo where I should put folders of add-ons and themes.
Could any of you tell me how to fix this?


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The easiest thing to do is to get a fresh copy of PFF then

just use the Profile folder of your PFF that had the working extensions, themes, bookmarks, cookies, etc.

You can insert that folder in any copy of firefox, portable or installed:

C:\Portable HD Apps (C)*\PortableFirefox 2.0*\Data\profile

*= your names may vary

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