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printing brochure problems

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printing brochure problems


I have problem to print my file as a brochure. I have printer, that prints on both sides, but when I click "print brochure" and have my page set up as a landscape, only half of the page is printed.

It means, that the whole text is printed out in correct direction, but the whole text is fitted only on the upper side of the page.

The same happens when I have my page oriented as a portrait - then it is even worse - two pages are printed on one sheet of paper, leaving three quarters of the page blank.

What should I do to fix it? I tried it on several printers and it is still the same.



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This works well

You'll usually do better on the regular OOo forum site, not here on the portable site (which is generally just for problems with being portable).

But, this works for me in Writer. Enjoy:


To print on Letter paper (8.5 x 11 inches):

Set the page format to Portrait in OOo Format > Page

Set the paper size about 8.5 x 13 inches (longer than Letter, shorter than Legal) in OOo Format> Page (trust me)

Write in a larger font? Maybe 14...18 verses 10...12 since two pages are on one side of sheet

Set Brochure printing in Tools > Options > Writer > Print > Page and put a check mark in Brochure. (remember to remove this check mark when done).

Print in Landscape orientation using File> Print > Properties (not in the OOo Format > Page)


Experiment using 4 to 8 pages of text, which yield a one or two sheet brochure, folded in half).

External "print to PDF" utilities can give you the brochure in pdf

OOo internal PDF export will _not_ give you a "brochure" layout (it's not a _print_)

Some printers can print brochures from ordinary 8.5 x 11 portrait content. They reorient and reorder the content and print two pages to a side. Check your manual.

When you are done, ensure you return the printer as you found it for the next person.


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