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Overwrote... but why?

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Overwrote... but why?

Lots of problems with this.
I'm running mirror(update) preview (equalise does the same as output 2). When I do source A dest B, I get the first output. Source B dest A gets the second output. File drums.gif (oops not shown) is overwritten even though it has the same MD5, and the timestamp is only one second off.

Is this a bug? Can I prevent it by checking 'retain attributes'?

output #1

Copied \search.htm

Removed D:\Documents\desktop.ini
Preview Finished...

output #2

Overwrote \hobo_signs.pdf
[bunch of similar 'overwrote' lines - 15 or so]
Copied \desktop.ini
[bunch of similar 'overwrote' lines - 200 or so]
Overwrote \fingerabdruck_kopieren.xml.htm

Removed and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\search.htm
Preview Finished...


Steve Lamerton
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I havent

had time to look at this in depth, but there were some improvements to mirroring in the 1.2.2 release, do you still have a problem once you have updated?

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