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error starting thunderbird on U3

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error starting thunderbird on U3


I have a Cruzer Micro 4GB. I had Mozilla Thunderbird Installed on my U3 Launchpad a couple of days ago but yesterday my computer hibernated while I was using my U3 and it caused a mess up with one of the games I was playing and I formatted the flash drive. Unknowingly, I messed up my whole U3 drive and all the program files were deleted and I was advised by Sandisk support to uninstall and re-install the U3 launchpad which I have done and all other programs as well.

After re-installing thunderbird, it does not start. It gives me an error message saying thunderbird/thunderbird.exe could not be found and asking me to re-install to fix the issue which I have done several times to no avail.

Please advice.



[Moved to U3 forum by moderator JTH. Thunderbird Portable is the open version that works on all drives]