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Portable Trillian

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Portable Trillian

Hi Together,

in case someone else postet it befor, never mind.
I would like to have Trillian Portable, the thing is, there is a manual, to make Trillian portable but it doesn't work on my drive for any reason. However if someone has some free time to make it portable I would be very happy Wink

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Trillian Anywhere

Trillian Anywhere is what you're looking for.

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well I did it like told

well I did it like told there, but it doesnt work for any reason, as I mentioned above. But thx anyway. Wink

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I've got Trillian Anywhere

I've got Trillian Anywhere working fine... what error is it giving you?

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Using U3 exe

If you have access to a U3 thumb drive, you can download the U3 version and extract the exe.
Once the U3 version is installed on the U3 drive, rename the .u3p file to .zip
Extract the files and copy the trillian.exe file to a "normal" install.
Then edit any.ini files to use relative paths.
This worked great for me, personally I don't know why Trillian doesn't just include the 3.11 version of the exe in the main distribution, it seems to work perfectly well and uses relative paths in the ini files.

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Wont work

I also can not get it to work. I have been useing Trillian Anywhere for ohh 6 months or more in the root of my usb key. But once I move it into the PortableApps fodler and try to launch it I will first get an error that it can not find the skin. THen it will not actually connect to any of the srvices. I am not a progarmer so I do not know if it is in relation to the relative paths. If they need to be modified if they are not in the root directory of the drive. Any help would be great. I would love to get TrillianAnywhere to run in PAM.

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Grab the beta

Grab the 1.0.2 Beta 2 menu from the Beta Forum. I think it's a working directory issue and B2 fixes this.

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