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Small suggestions for the app page

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Small suggestions for the app page

A couple of small things I noticed on the main app page at I'm not a drive-by nit-picker, as I have donated to the PortableApps project.

1) "Rijndael" is misspelled

2) "Rijndael" is more commonly known as AES. It might be better to advertise it as such for less technical users.

And I'd like to second the call for rsync capabilities in this program. Possibly including a call out to PuTTY for SSH encrypting the rsync stream.

Thanks, and keep up the good work, guys!

Steve Lamerton
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you no idea how many time I have had to catch that typo in the source, in cause me hours of trouble once Smile

As for calling it AES I might give in and do this in version 2, the reason that it isn't called that at the moment is because technically it isn't at it uses a larger block size than AES.

Your request has been noted Wink

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