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bluetooth software

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bluetooth software

hey.. was thinking should create an app that enables you to run your bluetooth dongle on a different PC...

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This won't work

This just won't work because you will need Administrative rights to install the hardware drivers onto the PC. If you have administrative rights, all you need to do is copy the files from the driver CD that came with your dongle to your thumb drive and then install the drivers on the PC then plug in your dongle. No need for a portable app to do this.

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I also don`t think there is

I also don`t think there is any Open Source bluetooth software?

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I'm sure it can be done...

I'm sure it can be done, it might be quite hard though and due to the fact that there is no open source bluetooth software already available (Which sucks because bluesoliel pretty much has a monopoly going on - and its not free either) I'm not to sure about the whole legality of it all...

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It /COULD/ be done /BUT/ you would need Administrator rights on any PC you do it on and 99% of PCs you will be using you PortableApps on probably won't give you that option :S

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