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Win95B compatable Portable Apps?

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Win95B compatable Portable Apps?

Have any Portable Apps been created that would run under Windows 95b?

I have an old laptop that I can use a Compact Flash Card in a PCMCIA Slot with an adapter. It would be great if I could run Apps from that Flash Card because the internal RAM is sparse.

I'm just trying to ReUse the old laptop instead of chucking it out, as has been suggested many times.

R William

John T. Haller
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Yes, but

Yes, the Menu and Backup and several apps will work:

But fewer will in the future. If you can upgrade it to Win98, it'll work with more apps.

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You say your internal RAM is

You say your internal RAM is sparse? If you would say your HDD space is sparse... Many apps use a launcher, this launcher sometimes stays in memory till the app exists to handle settings. This would effectively mean that using Portable Apps use more ram then the regular ones. (Around 5+MB or so).

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