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Re Format

How can I reformat my Pendrive without admin privlages on Windows XP?

Bruce Pascoe
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Joined: 2006-01-15 16:14

You can't. Formatting is a privilege given only to admins (and possibly power users, but I've no experience with that account type so don't quote me).

José Pedro Arvela
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That's what Bruce said. You can't on Windows.


Psssst! Quiet! Go to here and burn the ISO to a CD.

Then, when is nobody seeing, put the CD in the tray and reboot the PC. You should be running now from that live CD.

If still on Windows, then reboot again, and press the key for the boot menu (F12, Esc, it's on the BIOS) while on the start splash. Select the CD tray.

You should now be able to reformat your drive.

But, Shhhhhhh! Be quiet and don't tell this to your dad/IT manager/librarian/anything else. He/she may get mad at you.

Blue is everything.

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