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.VOC audio files

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.VOC audio files

I have RCA digital recorder than came with software RP5022_DVM_v3.27 and I want to make it protable or find a converter to convert it but I found none on Portable Apps.

Travis Carrico
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ok i didn't see that you posted this before i replied to the other post you resurrected. BonkEnc, recently released, handles voc files i'm pretty sure. if not there's also mediacoder and cdex is dev testing.

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.VOC audio files

The bad news is other apps I've tried that claim to work with VOC files give errors.

But the good news is Digital Voice Manager included with the RCA voice recorder seems to run fine from an external device without tweaking.

1. Install the program normally,
2. go to Program Files and copy the program folder to your desired portable device
3. double click on Dvm.exe on your portable device to run.



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