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Extension-problem "FlashGot" - but only with FF3?!

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Extension-problem "FlashGot" - but only with FF3?!

Hi, there!
Though I haven't posted here before, I've been using (and recommending) the portable-apps for the last year or even a bit longer.
Thanks for the great work!

I am also testing the Beta 5 of Firefox 3 and I found a little bug with the "FlashGot" extension that appeared when FlashGot was updated a few weeks back.
Since then each time you open Firefox in the directory above Firefox Portable a new subdirectory is created (for example in the root of the USB-drive).

The new directory actually is a part of the windows-user-profile reading:
"Docume~1\[USER]\LocalS~1\Temp\flashgot.profile\" containing the file "FlashGot.exe.test".
I waited several new releases of FlasGot but the problem persists. Each time you delete the directory it will be created anew once you start Firefox Portable.

I don't know whether this is a FlashGot issue or has something to do with the portable version of Firefox 3.

Maybe someone can confirm this at all?!
Or it is just with me here ...

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

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this would probably be an

this would probably be an firefox issue or a flash got issue. We create a portable version, which does not modifiy the base program in any way. This is due to the licensing agreement JTH has with Mozilla. If you already know this, I apologize for the repetitiveness.

I just downloaded FFPE3beta5 and installed Flashgot vs. 0.9.7

I did not get the folder above my installed directory. It was not in Data, Data/Profiles, Data/Profiles/extensions,
or Data/Profiles/extensions/flashgotisntallfolder

In addition, I did not have the folder under C:/Documents and Settings/USER/LocalSettings/TempInternetFiles.

If you would like my to look around some more, I can. I would suggest upgrading to the latest flashgot. If it still appears, I would suggest checking with the installed version. If it appears with the installed version as well, please report the bug to the author.

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Got it

Thanks for the warm welcome.

I already updated to the newest version - it didn't help. Then I tried to set up complete new install of Firefox 3 Portable and all my extensions.

This did the trick. Couldn't copy the old profile though, wouldn't work again. So it must have been something with the Firefox config-file itself. Whatever it was.

Now it works flawlessly.
Thanks for the tip!

Best regards and have a nice day!

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