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Torrent Download

I have some portalble apps as Miranda and Gimp. Works great.
I have a slow dial-up conection, is allmost impossible to me download openoffice without Torent or ftp download, so I can download a little per day and restart the download each time.
So you have an alternative download?

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All downloads are via Sourceforge and I don't think they have ftp or Torrent.

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Use Firefox3?

Do you mean you have to "restart" from the beginning?

There are many solutions for that problem, but maybe a simple one is to use the new (Portable) Firefox3 beta5
The download manager that is included in the new Firefox3 automatically resumes downloads even across session.

The only drawback is that FF3 dl manager still can't limit bandwidth, so on a slow dial-up conection you probably won't be able to do anything else while downloading.

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Well, if you have dail up

Well, if you have dail up your download speed will be limited. But that also means that a Torrent or FTP would not be any faster I guess as your download speed still is limited.

Maybe you can download the apps from somewhere else with faster internet connection.

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