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Vdub problem

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Vdub problem

Whenever I try to open an .avi file from my mp3 player, it says..."Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'XVID' (unkown)
VirtualDub requires a Video for Format(VFW) compatible codec to decompress video. Directshow codecs, such as those used by Windows Media Player, are not suitable."

How can I get around this?
I can't seem to open any avi file.

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VDub might need the xvid codec to be installed on local machine

I think vDub works only from *installed* codecs, and probably is not coded to look within its own folder for them, but rather in the Windows path. I had to install xvid, Huffy, and Lagarith codecs on my home pc to do my projects, and I can't play any of those resulting avi's on this pc without the codecs.

Try the VirtualDub forum, and they can at least confirm or deny this possibility.

The developer is very active on the forum, and might have a solution for you.

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