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Windirstat leaves 3 prefetch files

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Windirstat leaves 3 prefetch files

While the normal version only left 1 behind...

Was wondering if this could be fixed.

In fact, was just looking in C:/Windows/Prefetch and I've found tons of files from Portable programs I've downloaded here.
Is this supposed to be normal?

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Thats normal.
Everything you run leaves files in the prefetch folder and there is nothing we can do about that. I don't know if its possible to let the launcher delete them. I think John would have made it that way if it were possible.

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Yup, it's expected. The

Yup, it's expected. The apps from this site claim to be Portable, not Stealth. With Portable apps your settings are kept together with the app, and it makes every attempt to clean up changes to the system, but almost anything you run will leave traces in Prefetch or MRU, and in many cases, those require administrator privileges to clean up.

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