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Problem with Thunderbird Portable

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Problem with Thunderbird Portable

Hi all,

I've got a bit of a problem with TB Portable. After TB checks for emails on the server, I look through them and start moving them into folders that I had made for them. No matter whether I click and drag an email or right-click and go to Move To, it moves the email, but when I click on another email, TB freezes and then one of those annoying Microsoft messages come up telling you there has been an error and to either send or don't send error report.

I consider this annoying, because that means when I do this, if I've got a heap of emails in my Inbox and I have to move them into separate folders, I've got to restart TB Portable each time. Not only that, when I start TB, the USB is still busy after TB has checked the emails and two strange folders appeared called nstmp and nstmp-1, which were never there before.

I would appreciate it if anyone can help me out in this situation. Thanks in advance to all that do!


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My first guess is that there is either a corrupted file system or something wrong with Thunderbird.

So my suggestion is that you check your drive for filesystem errors and download a fresh copy of Thunderbird, check its integrity (md5) and reinstall it over your old one.

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1. Wait until the mail have been moved, don't try to move many groups in a row... you TB is running on a Flash Drive which is slower than the installed version.


2. reinstall latest Portable TB.

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I really appreciate the help that has been given to me, however, I recently installed the normal version of Thunderbird (not the portable version) on my PC and I still have trouble with Thunderbird freezing and coming up with those error messages whenever I move some emails into certain email folders I've created.

This leads me to believe that it may be an actual Mozilla Thunderbird problem, not Thunderbird Portable. I had plans to use Thunderbird as my default email program instead of Outlook Express, but for now, I'll just use it as a 2nd email program to check out.

Thanks for trying to help, but somehow, I don't think anything will work, especially if local Thunderbird also plays up.

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your internet connection ...

is constant? If you lose connection, like a wireless signal drops out or you are doing to big a chunk of files on a dialup, it may cause file errors that are immediately picked up from Windows and give you the errors.

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