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Does WinMerge really merge the way we want it too?

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Does WinMerge really merge the way we want it too?

I love portable apps. I seem to get a secondhand computer from friends, get a new one at work, or school every other month so keeping all my data on an external hard disk with most of my major apps has been a life send. I don't usually contribute to free ware causes but if i can get this shaped up there are a few developers out there to whom I would gladly give funding money (what little i could anyway).

My chief concern is with WinMerge. It seems to be great for identifying differences in files that are lined up next to each other, but merging a whole drive seems to be tedious. I have over 300 different folders in my documents, and I would have to open each one to get the differences and sync them. I think alot of other people are so happy with portable apps that they are doing the same thing that i am doing. Is there a magic "one touch button" that will help me to merge my stuff?

If you think about it, if all it does is show you difference in stuff and forces you to cut and paste new versions for yourself, shouldn't it be called WinDifference instead of WinMerge?

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WinMerge's initial design

WinMerge's initial design goal was for source code and documentation, to show differences between two versions of the same file, and allowing the user to merge the changes in whichever direction they wish. Directory comparison was only added later as an additional feature. Your situation with over 300 folders sounds somewhat unique, maybe a better option for you would be synchronization tool like Toucan or my test release version of Synkron Portable

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