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WinampPortable - Newbie Requesting Assistance

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WinampPortable - Newbie Requesting Assistance

Alright, so I've been happily using the WinampPortable launcher and thought I'd see if any portable LastFM scrobblers were out there that would simply work as a plugin within Winamp.

I found one, but it stores its login settings in a registry key. Bad news for portability. I've done some scripting before, but I'm by no means a programmer. I think I could edit the WinampPortable.nsi to do what it needs to do with the registry entries, but I'm not sure how to compile it.

Would anyone that has had experience with programming, and interested in scrobbling straight out of WinampPortable like to help me out?

As far as legalities... I haven't contacted the guy that created the plugin yet, but the fact that he provides his source on the website makes me think he'd be ok, if I contacted him.

Thanks so much!


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OK, winamp

Winamp is not OSS, and therfore is not an official app. This is a launcher-only beta test, and the guy that is developing it has some work to do on it still. You can still modify the program to suit your own needs though:

To add your reg key, you just need to make copies of some lines of code, ad recompile it. Just look at This thread, which I posted awhile ago.

To compile the script, you need NSIS
(nullsoft scriptable install system). It also comes in a portable version, which is a development test here.

As for the license, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as you aren't going to redistribute it, (which, by the way is not possible with Winamp).

And one more thing: you probably should have added this as a comment in the WinAmp portable thread, rather than making a new thread in Portable App Development.

Well, I hope that helps, and welcome to! Smile

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