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Mirror (Update)

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Mirror (Update)

Hi guys,

Just discovered Toucan and it looks like a good substitute for WinSCP's Sync functionality. What I do now is copy my document folders off to my Linux box via SFTP/SCP on my LAN which is a bit slow & sluggish but skips all the files which don't need updating.

Now since there's lots of files I'd like to minimise the traffic between the source (windows) and destination (linux), it's always one way copy unless I'm restoring files (so destination won't have files of newer timestamps). Mirror (Update) looked like something which might be ideal for this task.

Looked over the documentation and found a rather puzzling explanation of what this option does.

"Mirror Update is slightly different to Mirror Copy starts off using the copy routine and then removes unnecessary files and folders. Usually this is quicker than a Mirror Copy as it doesn't copy all of the files, however it may not create an exact copy."

Can anyone please shed some more light as to what Mirror (Update) option does exactly? I'm hoping it'd be smart enough to detect and skip all the existing files on the destination which don't need updating.

Thank you!

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I think that is a typo on

I think that is a typo on the help page. The way I think it is meant to read is...

Mirror Copy does the Copy operation and then...

Mirror Update does the Update operation and then...

Steve Lamerton
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yes, that is exactly what it is meant to say, I shall get that fixed in the next release.

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