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Tux Paint Splash

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Tux Paint Splash

I finally figured out how those splashes work in the PortableApps (GIMP, Stellarium) and TuxPaint. TuxPaint's splash is compiled of three pictures; title.png, title-credits.png, and title-tuxpaint.png. title.png is a Tux holding a paintbrush, title-credits.png is the credits (New Breed Software & Tux4Kids), and title-tuxpaint.png is for the title (Tux Paint). If anyone would be nice enough to make a portable edition splash, I'd be really happy. (I was thinking of Tux Holding a flash drive in his hand, put Portable somewhere in title-tuxpaint.png, and put in the credits.) But of course this splash would be for when it's a pre-release/official.
BTW, that flash drive as a meteor is really catchy.
Edit: Here's some stuff: A flash drive, the title-credits.png, title-tuxpaint.png, and title.png.

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Tux in SVG

Here's the SVG file with Tux holding the paintbrush:
(Right click and 'save as...')

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