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BigSol Portable Development Test 1

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Jacob Mastel
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BigSol Portable Development Test 1

Application: BigSol
Category: Games
Description: BigSol is a collection of seveal different Card Games.
Download BigSol_Portable_3.0.9.1_1.5.5.0_Dev1.paf.exe

Development Test 1 (2008-5-03): Initial release

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I"ll Give It a Try

I downloaded it and will try it tonight.

Patrick Patience
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Labelling Scheme

Jacob, remember that the labeling scheme for the filename is AppName_Portable_X.X.X_Development_Test_1_en-us.paf.exe. It looks like you have maybe the launcher version number in there too, which is not needed. Merci. Smile

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Time for the Flaws, etc.
  1. Put your copyright under John's in the launcher, and change the legalcopyright viversion to and Contributors
  2. There's no BigSol Portable.jpg where the launcher specifies.
  3. In the Installer, you deleted the Pre-Install code marks.
  4. There's no Readme.txt or License.txt
  5. There's nothing under help, and no help.html (I know it's because this is an early stage thing.)
  6. There's only one 32x32 8-bit icon in appicon.ico.
  7. In appinfo.ini, the website is for Jooleem.
  8. Did you remember to UPX and and optimize all the images?
  9. There's nothing under DefaultData

That's everything I could find. I can tell you were in a hurry to get this out, considering the small amount of stuff you put in the topic. Wow, this game is extreme!

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Jacob Mastel
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Stupid Mistakes

I wanted to get it released before the weekend because I don't have internet access on the weekends. I'll get those stupid mistakes fixed pronto.

Edit: I will get the current icon sizes fixed but if anyone that is handy with graphics wants to make a better one please feel free. Smile

Release Team Member

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I found some registry

I found some registry entries left:


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