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Pidgin: How do you change the proccess name

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Pidgin: How do you change the proccess name

At my school, we have the software that wipes the whole C drive clean every day @ 1:00 AM. We also have Kaspersky and zone alarm, and the thing where teachers watch our every move on the computers... (except they cant monitor 1100 students...) Now the thing is that, I know that I can bypass the firewall (Zone Alarm) by changing the program name AND process name to "outlook.exe" which is our teacher's mail client, which we CAN actually use but any informations put into it will be deleted by the next day's arrival in school (so there's no use to it). Either way that's not a big deal since we can access our email accounts either way except and the chat on, it gets blocked). Since Zone Alarm's firewall scans by process name, it will be magnificent if someone could send me an edited version of pidgin portable with the process name running as "outlook.exe". The reason I cannot do this my self is because I only know minimun C ++ and a good amount of CGI, Pearl, vbscript, javascript, and HTML (but that does not come in handy here. My email is
If your going to send me spam email me for fun, don't bother because that is my "sign up" and "spam" account either way.

Please help me out here, our computer teacher is absent and we have nothing to do with a monitor in our eyes (FOR A GOD D--- FORTY FIVE MINUTES)