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Linux as a portable app

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Linux as a portable app


does anyone know when the linux portable app should be coming out? I've seen it ont eh website as 'coming soon' for a while now, and wonder about the progress... which version will it be, when it does come out? Ubunutu, etc


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Yeah, it's coming

It's probably not gonna be ubuntu 'cuz its too big. The emulator had closed source stuff in it so the author of Toucan recompiled it with an OSS sound component, I don't know what is keeping the hold up (maybe pre-releases.)

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Pendrive Linux Has Already Ben Made

Pen drive Linux has already ben made, it is a Debian based Linux that you can extract on your pen drive, you can chose to run it as en emulator or to boot directly off of your thumb drive.

you can find it at

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I wonder if there's anything

I wonder if there's anything stopping them from using Cygwin as a portable app. It's a decent Linux on Windows tool, especially when using the Cygwyin Putty Add-on

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