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BerBible Portable 2.40 Development Test 1

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Chris Morgan
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BerBible Portable 2.40 Development Test 1

Application: BerBible
Category: Office
Description: BerBible is simplified freeware oriented to non-techies (such as Little Children Devoted to the Bible, missionaries, seniors, etc.) The learning curve is trivial because only the essentials are shown with the getting started layout:

  • go directly to a specific verse
  • find verses with specified word(s)

Even on dinosaur computers, it is ready to use in less than one second. Word/phrase searching is very fast, intuitive, and flexible to find what you are looking for.

For those of you wondering what the difference is between LcdBible and BerBible, BerBible supports multiple Bible versions, and has a few more features. Also it doesn't use the SWORD library any more.

Download BerBible Portable 2.40 Development Test 1 [7MB download / 21.1MB installed]
(MD5: 7b69836ba9b639b608b427ad794dc53b)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2008-05-06): Initial release

Note: I believe that the only non-PAF bit is appicon.ico - it was in 32x32, 16x16, with only 3 colours. I made a new version of it in 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48, but instead of being in true colour and 256 colours, they are in 16 colours.

Tim Clark
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Open Source ?

Is this an Open Source Software, not just free?

Are you including it in your download or just a launcher?
If just a Launcher you should put that in the title.

Development Test 1 (2008-05-07): Initial release
Should read
Development Test 1 (2008-05-05): Initial release

In the Word,


"Disclaimer: I am the developer of BerBible. It used to be open-source, but changed to closed-source in order to be more acceptable to publishers of modern Bible translations"

If this is still the case I'm not sure you should be including the software itself with the launcher Sad
7.5MB download indicates it's the whole program.

Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

Chris Morgan
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All references I found indicated that it was under the Mozilla Public License 1.1; also, (as I remember it, I can't access SourceForge at school, so I can't check) it is hosted on SourceForge.

Yes, the download is the full version.

l_d_allen: have you any comment to make?

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

Chris Morgan
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SourceForge, MPL 1.1

See the SourceForge project page for details.

On closer inspection, I noticed, though, that the latest version (2.40) is not hosted there, but only up to 2.1x. Perhaps that is related to this issue?

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

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BerBible developer ok with what you are doing. Vaya con Dios <g>

I'm kind of ignorant about what it means to be a "portable app". My understanding is that the Berean Bible study freeware (BerBible) works fine if you put the .exe and one or more Bible translations on a USB device like a "thumb drive". I think I tried it once, and didn't encounter any problems.

Also, BerBible uses the NSIS installer. BerBible assumes a directory structure such that "BbLibrary" is a "sibling" of "BerBible" and has the Bible modules. This was done in order to eventually integrate the InVerse Scripture memorization freeware.

On a thumb drive, you could have something like:

I suppose you could also have:

BerBible uses the registry to "remember" certain things from one run to the next (like screen position, font choices, recent searches MRU, etc.) However, it doesn't require any setup program to run because it recreates all registry entries "on the fly" for any that aren't already in the registry, including its "sub-hive".

I briefly looked at the PortableApps website, and there seems more involved, but I didn't check in enough detail to really understand the issues. Is this related to an application being a "full fledged member" of the suite of portable apps? If it had that "status", then it could be included is a "suite" of programs, and appear in a menu along with other portable apps?

What is it that you want to do?

As I mentioned in the thread related to e-sword, BB used to be open source up until ver 2.1 or so (Oct, 2005). For the purpose of being more acceptable to publishers like Thomas Nelson (NKJV) and Good News Publishing (ESV), I decided to change from open source to closed source. My understanding is that publishers of copyrighted materials tend to be leery of open source ... especially GPL.

I would be willing to work with you, if that would help make BerBible compatible with PortableApps. However, BerBible will remain closed source, and that may be a "non starter" and disqualifier as far as Portable Apps is concerned.

I proceeded to download and install from the link you provided. I think I have a fuller understanding of what you are doing ... you provide a "wrapper / launcher" for the "Max-Setup" of BerBible that includes the ESV, NKJV, KJV, and others. I had thought perhaps you built the code from the 2.1x source code from SourceForge.

I don't have any problem with what you are doing. I don't think you did anything illegal or even unethical (but you might have saved yourself some time to contact me directly ... I am inactive on this website).

IANAL, but I am 99% confident that the license agreements BerBible have with Thomas Nelson and Good News Publisher are not violated in letter or in spirit. I have made BerBible available on a number of "shareware / freeware repositories" like cnet, tucows, etc. What you are doing isn't completely equivalent, since there is a "wrapper / launcher", but seems fine.

About the only restriction in the "read me" license for BerBible is that you can't charge for it (even shipping and/or handling) without permission (which I would probably not approve). I want to prevent situations like selling on eBay, or certain unnamed operations which claim to provide free sofware, but charge what I consider an excessive amount for shipping/handling, and don't have any provision for free downloads.

By the way, it is l_d_allan, not l_d_allen.

For His glory and honor,
Lynn Allan

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