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PNotes Portable PreRelease 2

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PNotes Portable PreRelease 2

This has been released. Thanks for testing!

Application: PNotes
Category: Office
Description:PNotes Portable is sticky notes manager with skins, flexible display options and a built-in scheduler.

Download PNotes Portable Pre-release 1 [.5MB download / 2MB installed]

Release Notes:
Thanks to Patrick and Ryan for helping me clean up the last bits and pieces.
This should be the very last.
PNotes Portable Website

Oooh, and I added something else. But you'll have to check it out to find out what it was. (Hint: have another PNotes running :))
Change Log

  • Development Test 8- okay, okay, I dropped the ball on that one
  • Development Test 9- hmm, what did I do
  • Development Test 10- hopefully, we'll go prerelease on this one Smile
  • Prerelease 1- Hurray!!
  • Prerelease 2- Clean Up the last little bits Patrick found and fix Zach's Hudock's name (Sorry)
Zach Thibeau
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Maybe you should clarify which Zach your talking about Wink as my username is now my real name

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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Pre-Release 2 works on xp pro sp2 and vista sp1

I've just tried pre-release 2 at work on windows xp pro sp2 (as a limited user), and it works without problem, and leaves nothing obvious behind.

I've also tried it at home on Vista Ultimate sp1 (as a full user) and it works there as well without leaving anything obvious behind.

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Oliver, the only wish, at

Oliver, the only wish, at help.html under Acknowledgements instead of

Many thanks to Andrey Gruber aka Lamer

please, write

Many thanks to Andrey Gruber (aka lamer)

Many think that Lamer is my Last Name (with second syllable stress, like in French), while this is just world-view Smile

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Okay, I'll add it to the

Okay, I'll add it to the list of to-do before for final, if you don't mind.

Let's see if any other issues come up.

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