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Save 1.5MB

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Save 1.5MB

As required by law:

Awsome job, great idea!


I have found I can get the compressed down from 6,643,139 bytes to 5,258,684 bytes using Tugzip, ,and 7z compression.

This is a significant savings especially for download bandwidth.

Original (download from sourceforge) - 6,643,139 bytes
7z Ultra Compression - 5,258,684
7z & a Self-Extractor - 5,343,676 (79% current file size) 1.29MB saved

I would recommend considering use of 7z and self-extractor to lower your bandwidth overhead.


Disclaimer: I am in now way associated with tugzip or the makers of 7z. I am a recent convert from the zip/tar world. My plans for world domination will continue through my many nefarious compression schemes... Bwa haha!

John T. Haller
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I'm aware...

Actually, I'm aware of that, but wanted to keep it as a ZIP for now as it's pretty universal.

I'll be using a self-extractor or a full installer (with upgrade support) in the near future.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Rob Loach
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Sourceforge is very generous

Sourceforge is very generous when it comes to bandwidth and webspace.

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