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trouble with media plugins

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trouble with media plugins

Hey All
am using FF portable

have trouble trying to play some streaming windows media files, I just get the old WMP9 interface, correct audio but the moving windows logo in place of the visual.

cant install stuff on local PC so cant install the plugin then copy files.

looked at VLC plugin but didn't understand how to install it to my portable FF.

movies work perfect (well sometimes the colours get inverted) in locally installed IE7.

would prefer to get it working via VLC plugin if pos, cos then would have support for embedded DivX as well

thanks for any help

EDIT: just noticed, if I click properties on the afflicted player the advanced tab tells me tat the 9.2 and 9 audio codecs are in use but that I only have 9.2 and not 9 ?? so is the site's fault??