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dbdesigner4 portable

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dbdesigner4 portable

DBDesigner 4 ( is an Open Source Project and can be run on portable devices.
Please support is with

Chris Morgan
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I've looked at it,

but don't think that I will do it; it only supports MySQL 3 and 4, and doesn't appear to be being developed any more. I found DBDesigner-fork, but it doesn't support much more, and it also hasn't had a release for a year.

Although it could be very useful for portable use, I think that we should try to find a more modern piece of software, which supports MySQL 5 or later.

Have you got any other suggestions? Or do you really want this one done? (If yes to the latter, I'll download it in "Off-Peak" time - midnight to midday, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) - and give it a go.

(By the way: welcome to! Smile It's nice to see more people coming... and requesting specifically open source software.)

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DBDesigner4 -> Workbench 5 OS

Have you ever try the MySQL Workbench 5.0 OS version... It's stable, reliable, support a lot of features AND is Open Source! It'll be great to have it as part of the portable apps team!

my 2 cents... Wink

David Dixon II
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reminds me of my username Biggrin

I didnt realize i was an app, let alone be made portable Wink

Na na na, come on!

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