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GreaseMonkey & Portable Firefox

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GreaseMonkey & Portable Firefox

I tried to install greasesmonkey in Portable Firefox 1.5. I received an error message. Will Greasemonkey work with Portable Firefox? Any ideas or suggestions?

John T. Haller
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I just installed it

Install went fine, downloaded the hover-click script, worked, shut down PFF, moved to a different directory, still worked fine.

Start with the default profile. There may be an issue with your old one. I actually recommend creating a new profile from scratch for FF 1.5 - both regular and Portable FF.

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Maineguy (not verified)
Grease Monkey Install

I was finally able to install it. It seems it was an issue with the site and FTP, as opposed to Portable Firefox. Thanks for your help!

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Install problem

GreaseMonkey can have an issue during installation.
To install scripts, you have to get a "gm_scripts" directory in your directory profile with a "config.xml" file in it.
It has happened to me, so if installation of scripts failed, you have to check that.

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GreaseMonkey Install

I found that I needed to actually download the file (Right-click, save link as...) and then install it from my local copy.


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NEW version of GreaseMonkey

Older versions of GreaseMonkey don't work with Firefox 1.5. To get a new version of GreaseMonkey (as well as some really cool scripts) got to:

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