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Pidgin: gaim crash

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Anonymous (not verified)
Pidgin: gaim crash

i am trying to use portable gaim from school. i start it, it connects to all the protocols, but after a little bit it just closes, without saying anything at all. it just closes. i've tried to use it both from the pen and from the hard disk, it has the same problem. from the computer at home, though, it works perfectly from the pen.

any ideas?

(i've tried both 1.50 and 2.0, same problem)

John T. Haller
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Something with that computer...

It may be closing it itself with an antivirus program or something else scanning for things that shouldn't be running.

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radese (not verified)
i doubt, i'm running other

i doubt, i'm running other programs such as guild wars, utorrent, even gaim itself (not the portable version) just fine.

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