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Filezilla Portable Server

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Filezilla Portable Server

As of now I cannot find a portable version, hell I'd be happy with just the code to make it portable, even instructions on making it portable I've attempted to make this thing portable, note I said attempted, no success.. absolutely none! actually it is pretty portable by itself, the service offers install/uninstall routines just by running it. I just can't figure out how to does this by using the command line.. it goes haywire when I attempt such a task, I wish it was as simple as..

install service
start service
run service interface
wait until service interface closes
stop service
uninstall service

As far as I can tell that should be a simple task, And as for it being a matter of people using it, I'm 100% sure I will be using it, I don't see the problem with i.p. issues, if I was running a dedicated FTP than I would just install file zilla server, But I will most likely use it on occasions, thus I would prefer to have it as self contained as possible. I wish the authors of file zilla to make it independant on being a service..

I do know about other FTP servers/client, while very well written, I'm one to do it the hard way, and knowing (if I was the one to make this behemoth/mammoth portable) I would have some great sense of satisfaction.

As far as I can tell, my attempts are futile. So is there anyone who has made more success and would share their efforts? be my guest!