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RegEditX Portable

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RegEditX Portable

Application: RegEditXCategory: Registry EditorDescription: The Registry Editor enhanced by RegEditX.
RegEditX makes your registry editing more productive than ever. RegEditX extends the
standard Windows Registry Editor (REGEDIT), so you don't have to learn new ways of
accomplishing tasks you already know how to perform. Just keep using the same familiar
Registry Editor more efficiently.

You should always backup registry before making any changes.

RegEditX "extends" the Windows Registry Editor (REGEDIT). A new history combo box
and toolbar are inserted. You gain quick navigation back to recently-visited keys,
the ability to paste keys from the Windows clipboard, and incrementally type the
keys manually. In addition, columns in the listbox are kept optimally sized.

After you download this launcher place it in the appropriate folder
(ie. X:\PortableApps\RegEditXPortable) and then execute it. It will
prompt you for the location of the regeditx on your pc from where it will
copy necessary files, and your ready to go.

You can download launcher from here:RegEditX Portable
Here is the paf installer (no app):

  • Fixed download links


  • Created paf installer for the launcher.


  • Initial release.

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lacking source


I think this is a great addition to our freeware collection, but a few things to note:

* It's not packaged in PAF format
* It's just the launcher but there's no source

If you package your app in PAF format (just check out one of the other launcher examples), and release the source, I'm sure this will be a popular addition.

It's easy to package, just configure an INI, run a script through NSIS (you can even use the portable version), and voila!


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