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Handbrake Portable

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Handbrake Portable

What: Handbrake

Why: It is an open source program that is very good at ripping DVDs.


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I just realized that there have already been multiple posts on this topic. I was wondering though, is it impossible to do .NET portable app, or is it just more time than its worth? Also, the Idea of a new GUI in C++ based on the Command Line version, could that work?

Patrick Patience
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.NET = Not So Much

It's not a time thing, it's just a usability thing. John Haller made a post a while back on what PC's have .NET installer, and what versions. A lot of the versions aren't compatible either, so it's not really worth it currently. I really would love to have Paint.NET Portable, and I may do it sometime, but I don't think .NET apps will ever be released here until something more portable comes out... if it does.

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That probably would

I've been using it, just using batch files to run converts to iPod, so if someone knows it, they probably could do a GUI, it could start with just the basic profiles included, if it gets released, or before then, you could just do updates to add more options in the meantime

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.Net support

.NET support is a non-issue. Since Windows 7 now comes with .net support and many xp systems already have it installed and it came with the latest service pack of xp i think its safe to say you can proceed with portable apps requiring .net support.

Gord Caswell
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Respectfully, I disagree

Blackbane, based on the research done by John, I disagree. See his research here:

Essentially it boils down to: Statistically, less than 25% of all windows computers currently have .Net included.

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that may be true but how many

that may be true but how many people are using Windows 7? most people are still using XP if not Vista and a very few rare are using 2kpro and some others are using Linux+wine. These dont have .net installed by default. also in some cases i have heard of .net being disabled in an academic setting.

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portable handbrake

to all those still looking for the portable version,

[link to illegal site removed by mod JTH]

i am not affiliated to the website. but my download from the site is working perfectly fine.

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