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.BAT files and Menu Customization

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.BAT files and Menu Customization

I am utilizing a trick that automatically opens certain apps during autoplay. I point autorun.inf to a batch file and it does the trick. I open up my Hottnotes (sticky notes) and DexposE2 (Mac Expose Clone). They both run through the system tray, but it is annoying to close the menu and the other apps individually. Is there any way to point the close function on the PortableApps Menu to a batch file witch will close all these apps in one swoop? I also need help in actually writing the batch file, because I don't know how to kill processes from a batch file. Any help?


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I think NSIS would work better.
But there is a close/kill solution from a while back. Just search: close/kill all processes . There should be a topic with a batch in it.

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to kill processes from a batch file

Well, to kill processes from a batch file you need to put tskill * for xp and taskkill /IM:* for vista. put your process name instead of "*".
Don't put *.exe for xp

tskill processes
taskkill /IM:processes.exe

(I kinda like to write batch files.)

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