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Sticky/summary request

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Sticky/summary request

Hi John

First of all thanks for releasing V1.1 of the platform.

Would it be possible to add a sticky in this forum (or the main platform page) that addresses the following?

1) Which versions of the software are included in the suite(s). I.e. the latest or the versions at the time of release?

2) What mods/betas V1.1 replaces. It might seem obvious but there seemed to be many mods out there to fill the gaps waiting for the release of V1.1.

3) What mods are still supported/compatible with V1.1

4) What is still "missing/outstanding" from V1.1 and which mods/betas one can can use in the meantime, e.g. folders/categories, hiding apps, etc.

5) How to perform a clean slate install that will get rid of all the various mods and their related files.

6) Possible time-line, even if it states that there is no further planned versions.

7) Where to find themes or additional languages.

These are what I would like to see addressed in a single location, but I'm sure you might have additional topics that could be relevant/useful.

Thanks again for all the hard work and making our (digital) lives much more portable.

Thanks in advance

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I'll try to answer a few:

1) Officially, the 1.1 release replaces the 1.0 release or, if you had a beta release like 1.1 beta 4, it replaces the beta.

2)I think the mods were never officially supported so if the update from a mod to the suite doesn't go smoothly, you're on your own (Unofficially, there will be enough forum members helping you anyhow).

5) My guess would be delete everything that isnt part of any App and do a clean install of the 1.1 Platform.

7) I think all languages available for the Platform are included. If you want to localize an App, check the App's page for more info. I think there will be a theme forum but right now you can visit or search the forums for themes.

But I second your request that John should include the version numbers into the suite download page.

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