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Wallpaper Changer

The program works quite well, and just has one icon. It essentially lets you choose a folder that has your pictures, and lets you choose the timed or random intervals of what your wall paper will be.

It is posted on Sourceforge, which I think does that mean it is open source. It has the GNU General Public License (GPL) as it's license.

I am not sure if it is the smallest file size, but it is one that works.

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Unfortunately it requires

Unfortunately it requires .NET so it isn't portable.

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it does ... crap,

where did it say that? I believe you, but I was trying to read all that I could so it would be a good canidate. Sad

Well, I made my suggestion before the other Wallpaper Switcher was suggested so hopefully that'll be what I can use.

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The site says it needs .NET,

The site says it needs .NET, but all the source code is .cpp and .h files which are standard c++ (not .NET). I think they used one of the newer windows compilers that can compile .NET, but no actual .NET code is used.

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Test ?

Then the test would be to run it on a machine that does not have .Net installed correct ?


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Integrate with

Maybe this could be integrated into the CAFE mod and PortableFileassociater.

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