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Apache2triad request for conversion to postable app.

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Apache2triad request for conversion to postable app.

Program: Apache2triad

License: Open Source/GPL

Description: A comprehensive Apache web server suite, inclusive of interpretive languages for development of web apps.


Other: significantly better than Xamp, and probably the best web server out there, its even used by some governments around the world.

Briefly : Its the be all and end all of web servers!.

Chris Morgan
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I posted a comment a few

I posted a comment a few hours ago, but it seems it got lost somewhere...
I'm currently working on XAMPP Portable (properly paffed). I'll download Apache2Triad and try it - I'll report back. I suspect that my XAMPP launcher won't need too much modification to get Apache2Triad working with it.

Looks like a good candidate!

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