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ASuite (for me) more versatile/flexible and easier to use

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ASuite (for me) more versatile/flexible and easier to use

While I like the look of the PA Platform and some of the features such as integrated backup, eject, etc. I have found that ASuite is much more flexible and useful. You can add any app to the menu you want in any order. Group apps together any way you want. App EXEs do not have to be adjacent to the ASuite app, you can "launch" any extension type from any directory even those not on the USB drive. You can even set customized parameters to use when launching an app as well as set any icon you want.

For example I use truecrypt to have an encrypted volume on my usb thumb drive. I mapped the volume to a drive letter and install certain apps there like Thunderbird or FileZilla with stored passwords. Then on the the main thumb drive letter, I have a bat for each app on the encrypted drive that launches them. And I associate a custom icon with each bat. So in asuite I can launch truecrypt and turn up the drive and then launch the apps from the bats. If the truecrypt drive is not up, the icons still exists in ASuite because they are on the non-encrypted drive.

And launching truecrypt to mount the encrypted volume is easy because asuite lets me enter custom parameters any way I want.

Anyway, it would be nice if this app (PortableApps Platform) were more flexible in these regards.


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what is the point of this post?

John said that much of this stuff will be added in the menu ver 1.5

so until then use Asuite

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

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What powerjuce means is ,

What powerjuce means is , that is generally the way most people think it should be, and that those features should be coming in future releases of the platform.

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